Senior Does

GCH Cobble's Valley Majik Destiny 1*M

LA 05-05 90 VEEE

DOB:  01/21/2010

DNA on file


Sire:  ++*B SG Foxwood McCaylan's Majik Man

    SS:  +*B GCH Foxwood McCaylan 01-03 89 VEE

    SD:  SGCH Foxwood Fay Lee Meadow 1*M 07-05 91 EEEV


Dam:  CH Safehaven Elwood Diva 03-05 88 EEVV

    DS:  *B Willow Run Aesop Elwood

    DD:  SG Safehaven Max' Dixie Debutante


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 Destiny joined the herd early in 2012 as a 2yr old.  She was shown 9 times and has been either 1st or 2nd each time.  She was Reserve Senior Champion three of those times.  Destiny's stylishness and smoothness of blending  is why I took advantage of the opportunity to use her sire, Majik, for part of the 2012 breeding season. 

2013 - Destiny freshened in March with quintuplets, giving her a boost in mammary capacity, which she lacked as a 2 yr old.  The first show of the season, she finished her CH, going Grand, BOB and BDIS in two rings.  She was beaten in one ring by her dam (pictured below) and we pulled her from the fourth ring. 

2014 - Destiny aborted her kids by "Max" in January but she milked well enough to show some and was twice best of breed and one Best In Show at our spring, quad show in Shelby, NC. 

2015 - Destiny kidded with quads, 3 bucks and a doe by Max. She earned her 1*M this year and she is bred to, junior herd sire, Cobble's Valley Marvel Ross for 2016 kids - A line breeding that I'm very excited about!

2016 - Destiny kidded with twin bucks by Ross. For 2017 kids, she is bred to her maternal brother, Cobble's Valley All Fired Up. 


2017 - Kidded with two does and a buck by Cobble's Valley All Fired Up who is Destiny's maternal brother.


Breeding Plans for 2017:  *B Foxwood Jock's Matlock

The photo's below are taken May, 2013 at the SC Dairy Goat Classic - Clemson, SC.  Destiny was 2 X Best Senior Doe In Show!




Destiny's dam: CH Safehaven Elwood Diva at 9yrs of age.


Maternal sister: SGCH Cobble's Valley  D's Fire-works 1*M

Paternal granddam - SGCH Foxwood Fay Lee Meadow 1*M 07-06 91 EEEV (1st place 5 and 6 yr old at the 2008 ADGA National Show)

Jari's dam, SGCH Foxwood Copy's Mac Dixie 1*M  07-00  92 EEEE Owned by Mark Cobble, bred by Paul Fox, Foxwood Nubians

Jari at 4 yrs old

Jari at 5yrs old

SGCH Cobble's Valley Ren. Jarjar 2*M

LA 05-04 91 EEEE

DOB: 01/28/2011



5-02 246 1750 4.2 74 3.7 65


Sire: Cobble's Valley KA Renissance

    SS:  +*B SG Kastdemur's Ain't He Amazin'

    SD:  SG Knowles Island Roxanne 07-00 89 VEVE


Dam: SGCH Foxwood Copy's Mac Dixie 1*M 07-00 92 EEEE

    DS:  Foxwood Felecian Copy's Mac

    DD:  Lazy-L Chekhov Special

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2015 - Jari, joined the herd very late in 2014 and so, kidded in May of 2015.  She appraised 90 and was, three times, reserve senior champion at 2015 shows.  Jari's dam, Dixie, is a favorite of mine. I'm very grateful to Rene McMasters for allowing Jari and her paternal sister, Secret, to join my herd.  She is bred to LakeShore Underkover Boss for 2016 kids.

2016- Jari kidded with a buck and doe pair by *B LakeShore Underkover Boss.  She scored 91 EEEE on LA this year and placed 17th in the 5 & 6 yr old class at the 2016 National show. She also earned her superior genetics and finished her permanent championship!  


2017 - Jari kidded with quintuplets, 3 bucks and 2 does.

Breeding plan for 2017: *B Cobble's Valley Max Sequel

Maternal sister: SGCH Cobble's Valley Ahab Blue Skye 2*M

GCH Cobble's Valley Majik Terra  1*M

LA 04-02 90 VEVE

DOB:  03/23/2012


2-10 284 2370 4.6 108 3.7 87

3-10 244 2370 4.3 102 3.6 86 90 40


Sire:  ++*B SG Foxwood McCaylan's Majik Man

    SS:  +*B GCH Foxwood McCaylan

    SD:  SGCH Foxwood Fay Lee Meadow 1*M 07-05 91 EEEV


Dam:  Cobble's Valley DC Razberri

    DS:  Lazy-L Epic Cochise

    DD:  Foxwood Amazin' Miss Dharma


 ADGA Genetics Link

2014 - Terra freshened with triplets, by Mystery Man AND a beautiful mammary system!  She earned her second leg towards her CH and placed 9th in the 2yr old class at the National Show in Louisville, KY. 

2015 - Terra kidded with a buck and doe by Malachi.  She finished her permanent  Championship at the first show of the season, in Knoxville, TN.  Also going best senior doe in show in one ring.  She also earned her 1*M this year on test.  I have repeated the breeding to Malachi for 2016 kids!

2016 - Kidded with quads, 2 bucks, 2 does, by Malachi.  Terra placed 10th in the 4yr old class at the 2016 National show this year, her second top ten placing. 


2017 - Kidded with a buck and doe by Cobble's Valley All Fired UP.

Breeding Plan for 2017:  *B Foxwood Jock's Matlock

Terra as a kid

Dry Yearling Pic

Terra as a 2 Yr. Old

SGCH Deep Creek MYS Emblem 3*M

LA 03-02 90 VEEE

DOB:  03/03/2013


1-11 284 2310 5 115 3.7 85

2-11 290 2350 5.2 123 3.7 88

3-11 253 2070 5.0 104 3.6 75

Sire:  *B Woest-Hoeve Mystery Man 04-01 90 VEE

    SS:  ++B SGCH Iron-Owl Bluebeard 06-05 92 EEE

    SD:  SGCH Iron-Owl Jeepers Creepers 3*M 05-03 88 EVEV


Dam:  SGCH Evergreen Pines Emceega 2*M 07-02 91 EEEE

    DS:  Foxwood Macho's Coby

    DD:  GCH Evergreen Pines Emmie 1*M

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2014 - I'm very proud of Emblem, my first daughter to freshen, by Mystery Man.  She has topped the yearling milker classes every time I've shown her this spring, appraised an 88 as a yearling ff, and placed 2nd, with 3rd udder, in the yearling milker class at this years ADGA National Show in Louisville. 

2015 - Emblem kidded this year with kids by Max.  She was reserve senior champion 4 times during 2015 as a 2 yr old.  She also earned her 3*M, milking 2310 pounds in 284 days.  She is bred to the junior herd sire, Cobble's Valley Marvel Ross, for 2016 kids. 

2016 - Emblem kidded with triplet bucks by Ross.  At the 2016 ADGA National show, she placed 17th in the 3yr old class.  She earned her superior genetics and also finished her permanent championship, going best senior doe in show at the South Carolina State Fair!


2017 - Kidded with twin bucks by Cobble's Valley All Fired UP.  Emblem made the ELITE doe list for December 2017.  

Breeding Plan for 2017:  *B Foxwood Jock's Matlock

Fall of 2016 - 3 yr old
Emblem as a yearling

GCH  Deep Creek MJ Patrice   1*M

LA 03-02 89 VVVE

DOB:  03/02/2013


1-11 281 1600 4.3 68 4.2 67

2-11 259 1880 4.1 78 4.0 75

3-11 256 1670 4.1 68 4.1 69

Sire:  ++*B SG Foxwood McCaylan's Majik Man

    SS:  +*B GCH Foxwood McCaylan 01-03 89 VEE

    SD:  SGCH Foxwood Fay Lee Meadow 1*M 07-05 91 EEEV


Dam:  Deep Creek SGR Phyllis

    DS:  CH J-Nels KR Sugar Daddy

    DD:  Fox Meadow MMPIE Phlirt


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2015 - Patrice is a first freshening 2yr old with a beautiful udder. Even though she didn't score well on LA, she finished the year with two legs towards her CH and several times, best Nubian udder, twice Best udder in show!  She earned her *M this year on test.  Cant wait to see what 2016 has in store for Patrice.  She is bred to junior herd sire, Cobble's Valley Marvel Ross for 2016 kids. 


2016 - Patrice kidded with triplet bucks by Ross.  She also finished her permanent CH at the first show of the year and was 4th place, 3yr old at the 2016 National Show in Harrisburg, PA. 


2017 - Single doe kid from Patrice bred to "Fired Up".

Breeding Plan for 2017:  *B Foxwood Jock's Matlock

Patrice as a dry yearling

Patrice finishing her CH at 3yrs of age

3yrs old - fall of 2016

Pictured above as a 3yr old

Fall of 2016 - 2yrs old (first freshening)

GCH Deep Creek MYS Teranda 2*M

DOB:  01/23/2014

LA:  02-04 85 V+++



2-01 273 1560 5.1 79 3.8 60

3-00 255 1770 5.0 88 4.0 70

Sire: *B Woest-Hoeve Mystery Man 04-01 90 VEE

    SS:  ++B SGCH Iron-Owl Bluebeard 06-05 92 EEE

    SD:  SGCH Iron-Owl Jeepers Creepers 3*M 05-03 88 EVEV


Dam:  GCH Cobble's Valley Majik Terra *M 04-02 90 VEVE

    DS:  ++*B SG Foxwood McCaylan's Majik Man

    DD:  Cobble's Valley DC Razberri

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2015 - Teranda is a dry yearling and received her restricted leg this year. 

2016 - Teranda kidded with twin does by Ross!  She was 17th place 2yr old at the National Show with over 50 entries in the class. 


2017 - Teranda kidded with buck / doe twins. She also finished her permanent GCH this year. 

Breeding Plan for 2017:  *B Foxwood Jock's Matlock

Reference Does

GCH Briarknoll Piajar's McCayla

DOB:  04/06/1986

Sire:  ++*B Cadillac Piejar

Dam:  Briarknoll Cronus Abigail

Almost every doe in my herd goes back to McCayla.   I believe that her influence in my herd is important enough for her to have a spot here, as reference.  She was a foundation doe of the Foxwood herd.  Below are some comments Paul made about McCayla.  Visit  Foxwood Nubians website and Facebook page for much, much more! 

"Born 30 years ago in 1986, our foundation doe, GCH Briarknoll Piejar’s McCayla, is not recognized for superior genetics. However, she certainly met our criteria for superior genetics!
• Appraised with final score of 90 as 3 year old and again as a 9 year old
• Produced over 2560 pounds of milk in 226 days at 5-09 on official test
• Was 4th place/3rd udder Aged Doe at Nationals as a 7 year old back when the Aged Doe Class included the 5-6 year old does (1st and 2nd place were ...the National Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion both of which were 5-6 years old)
• Produced 7 champion daughters/sons
• Had 4 daughters place in top 10 as milkers at National Shows
• Had 12 sons/daughters that had champion descendents
• Had at least 29 grandsons or granddaughters that were champions or had champion progeny
• Produced 32 kids in lifetime and kidded with quads 3 times; kidded with quints once
• Kidded with twins at 11 years old (longevity)

Although almost all does in our herd today descend from her, we still wish we had another "McCayla" in the herd!"

SGCH Evergreen Pines Emceega 2*M

DOB: 03/11/2009

LA: 07-02 91 EEEE


Sire: Foxwood Macho's Coby

Dam:  GCH Evergreen Pines Emmie 1*M


Full Pedigree






Emceega is tightly linebred on Paul Fox's McCayla line. Her pedigree is filled with permanent Champions and Emceega, herself, is a 5th generation permanent Champion.  The dam line behind Emceega has, consitently, produced excellent mammary systems and for this reason, I consider her an asset to the breeding program. 

Emceega rejoined the herd in the fall of 2012, in time for the last three shows of the season.  She was 3 times 1st place 3yr old, 2 time Senior Champion and BOB, 1 time Best Nubian Udder. 


 In the spring of 2013, Emceega earned her star on a one day milk test.  She produced 10.3lb, 3.8% bf for a total of 18.8 points. 


2014:  Emceega kidded with two does and a buck by "Max".  Since I now have four daughters out of Emceega, she has moved on to bigger and better things!  She is now a member of the Foxwood herd.  She is practically a Foxwood doe anyway.  Cant wait to see what she does for Paul. 


2016:  Even though Emceega is not in our herd any longer, we finished her second daughter this year, SGCH Deep Creek MYS Emblem.   While in the Foxwood herd, Emceega appraised 91 EEEE as a 7 yr old this spring and she also was awarded her Superior Genetics this year. 






Emceega at appraisal time - 07-02 91 EEEE

CH Deep Creek NT Eloise

DOB:  03/12/2011


Sire:  Kismet VH Nathan

Dam:  SGCH Evergreen Pines Emceega 2*M


Full Pedigree Information





Eloise was shown 7 times in 2012 and was 7 times, first place yearling milker, 1 time Reserve Senior Champion and 1 time Senior Champion and BOB.  2 times, best Nubian Udder. 


2013 - Eloise continued to top her class, unbeaten in her age group and finished her CH in the spring as a two year old, second freshener. 

2014 - Eloise took the year off (didn't settle) but I hope to get her bred back this fall and back in milk next year. 

Dam and Daughter, rear udders


Left: CH Evergreen Pines Emceega (Dam)

Right: Deep Creek NT Eloise (daughter)


Below:  Eloise as a 2yr old, 2nd freshener


Pictured is Secret's dam, Lazy-L Checkov Sahara. 

Cobble's Valley Ren's Secret 1*M

LA 04-03 91 EEEE

DOB:  02/20/2012



4-00 243 1930 4.2 82 3.9 76

Sire:  Cobble's Valley KA Renissance

Dam: Lazy-L Chekhov Sahara


2015 - Secret came with her paternal sister, "Jari", from Rene McMasters in November of 2014.  She kidded in May with a huge, single buck kid.  Pictured below (left) is her dam, a beautiful, Willow Run Thesis Chekhov daughter.   I'm very excited that she is bred to +*B Foxwood McCaylan's Majik Man for 2016 kids.

2016 - Secret kidded with a single doe kid by Majik.. definitely a keeper!  


2017 - Secret broke her streak of "singles" and kidded with triplets this year.  Two bucks and doe. 

Breeding Plan for 2016Cobble's Valley All Fired Up

Secret, 4 yrs old - Fall 2016

Fox Meadow MMPIE Phlirt  

LA 07-02 87 VEE+

DOB:  04/05/2004


Sire: +*B GCH C&M-Goat-Ropers CHM Macho Man

Dam:  Fox  Meadow Miss American Pie 2*M


Full Pedigree Informatio



GCH Fox Meadow KIGL Mia 1*M

LA 05-04 86 VVVV

DOB: 02/26/2006


Sire: CH Knowles Island BB&D Gen.Lee

    SS:  Cam's Menagerie Breakaway Bob

    SD:  SG Knowles Island JR-P Dallas


Dam:  Deer Ridge Farms Mallory

    DS:  *B Foxwood Cameo's Champ

    DD:  Deer Ridge Farms Melodie


ADGA Genetics Link


2013 - Mia freshened January, 12th with a buck and a doe by Foxwood McCaylan's Majik Man


2014 - Mia kidded with two does and one buck by "Mystery Man".

2015 - Mia kidded with twin does by Malachi, My first and only Malachi daughters, so far.  She was milking well in the spring and I would love to have completed the lactation but at her age, she doesn't travel well at all.  In order to stay home, she had to be turned dry early.  She still earned her 1*M (ST) and is bred to Kismet Kadbury Mars for 2016 kids. 

2016 - Mia kidded with twin does by Kismet Kadbury Mars. 

2017 -  Mia didn't settle this season.  At 11 years old, cant help but wonder if she is finished having babies.