Herd Sires

Dam - GCH Foxwood Peijar's Marlena 1*M

GCH Foxwood Jock's Pride 1*M

GCH Foxwood Jock's Pride 1*M

Pictured above and to the right, is Matlock's sire's dam - CH Spring's-Meadow C.E. Java (Amberwood Vision's Einstein X Spring's-Meadow PA Cookee)

Matlock's litter mate sister, Foxwood Jock's Monique

*B Foxwood Jock's Matlock

DOB:  03/04/2017


Sire:  +B Cobble's Valley Majik Jock

    SS:  ++*B SG Foxwood McCaylan's Majik Man 

    SD:  CH Spring's-Meadow C.E. Java


Dam:  GCH Foxwood Peijar's Marlena 1*M

    DS:  ++*B Cadillac Piejar

    DD:  Foxwood Felician Carbon Copy


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Pictured are Matlock's dam to the left and below are paternal sisters sired by +B Cobble's Valley Majik Jock, as well as his dam, Java.

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Foxwood Nubians


Foxwood Jock's Sunshine

Foxwood Jock's Sunshine

CH Foxwood Jock's Sunrise

Dam - SGCH Cobble's Valley Majik Sedona 1*M 05-04 92 EEEE

Dam - Sedona

*B Cobble's Valley Max Sequel
DOB:  02/28/2017
Sire:  ++*B SGCH High Caliber Marvin's Big Max
    SS: ++*B SGCH Hallcienda Frosty Marvin
    SD:  Texhoma Acres Mandy 1*M
Dam:  SGCH Cobble's Valley Majik Sedona 1*M 05-04 92 EEEE
    DS:  ++*B SG Foxwood McCaylan's Majik Man 
    DD:  Lazy-L Chekhov Sahara
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Sedona as a 6 yr old

Maternal granddam - Lazy-L Chekhov Sahara

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Dam - GCH Safehaven Elwood Diva 1*M
Littermate sister - SGCH Cobble's Valley D's Fireworks 1*M
+*B Cobble's Valley All Fired Up
LA 05-00 88 VEE
DNA on file
Sire:  +B SG Foxwood Mr Fox Fire
    SS:  +*B Foxwood Cisco
    SD:  CH Signpine Treacle
Dam:  GCH Safehaven Elwood Diva 1*M
    DS:  *B Willow Run Aesop Elwood
    DD:   SG Safehaven Max' Dixie Debutante
"Fired Up" is owned by Mark Cobble.   He has produced some beautiful daughters for Mark and I'm happy to be able to use him on the majority of the herd this year (2016).  He also, happens to be a maternal brother to one of my very favorite does, GCH Cobble's Valley Majik Destiny, who you can see on the senior doe page. 

Daughter - SGCH Cobble's Valley Private Party

Private Party - rear udder

Dam - SGCH Foxwood Copy's Mac Dixie 1*M 07-00 92 EEEE

(Owned by Mark Cobble)

Paternal sister - GCH Foxwood Marvel's Sasha

05-03 91 EEEE (Owned by Paul Fox - Foxwood Nubians)

 Paternal sister - GCH Foxwood Marvel Seductive 1*M            05-03 88 VEVV  (Owned by Mark Cobble)

Maternal Sister - SGCH Cobble's Valley Ahab Blue Skye 2*M

Cobble's Valley Marvel Ross

DOB:  03/20/2015

DNA on file with ADGA

Sire:  +*B Foxwood Meadow's Marvel

Dam:  SGCH  Foxwood Copy's Mac Dixie 1*M 07-00 92 EEEE

Ross' maternal sister, SGCH Cobble's Valley Ren. Jarjar 2*M 05-04 91 EEEE

Dixie - Rear Udder
Rear udder view of Jari - Maternal sister to Ross

++*B SG Foxwood McCaylan's Majik Man

DNA on file with ADGA

Tested G6S - Normal


Sire:  +*B GCH Foxwood McCaylan

Dam:  SGCH Foxwood Fay Lee Meadow 1*M  (Pictured) 10-05 91 VEEE


Full Pedigree Information


"Majik" is owned by Mark Cobble, Morristown, TN.  Pictured at the left is Majik's dam, SGCH Foxwood Fay Lee Meadow 1*M, first place 5&6 yr old at the 2008 National show. 

I have three Majik daughters who are all permanent champions. Mark has several who are only a leg away from finishing and there are a number of junior daughters between Mark, Paul Fox and myself.   Majik has definitely proven himself as a producer of beautiful daughters who are showing and appraising well.  The current, average final score of his daughters is 87.5. 

Majik Daughters

GCH Cobble's Valley Majik Destiny 1*M 05-05 90 VEEE , pictured at 2yrs.

 SGCH Cobble's Valley Majik Sedona  1*M 05-04 92 EEEE

(Two Champion legs)

 GCH Deep Creek MJ Patrice 1*M  @ 2yrs old

Daughter - Cobble's Valley Majik Jazzel (yearling)

GCH Cobble's Valley Majik Terra 1*M 04-02 90 VEVE

Terra has been in the top ten at the nationals twice.  As a 2yr old in 2014 and as a 4yr old in 2016.

Patrice - Rear Udder

GCH Deep Creek MJ Patrice 1*M 03-02 89 VVVE

Fourth place 3yr old at the 2016 Nationals

GCH Cobble's Valley Majik T-Bird 1*M  03-00 90 VEEE
(2 Champion legs)

*B Woest-Hoeve Mystery Man

DNA on file with ADGA

Tested G6S - Normal


Sire:  +B SGCH Iron-Owl Bluebeard

          SS:  ++*B SGCH Lakeshore Full Force

          SD:  SGCH Iron-Owl TPMP Bleu 05-06 89 VEEV


Dam:  SGCH Iron-Owl Jeepers Creepers 3*M 05-03 88 EVEV

          DS:  *B Kismet Crazy 8's

          DD: SGCH Iron-Owl PTR Pollywogs Tadpole 2*M 04-06 89 VEEV


Full Pedigree Information



Mystery Man's Dam, SGCH Iron-Owl Jeepers Creepers, was second place in the 5 and 6 yr old class at the ADGA National Show this year (2012).  She was also a part of the first place Dairy Herd and first place Dam & Daughter with Mystery Man's 2yr old, full sister, Woest Hoeve Newt.  SGCH Iron-Owl Bluebeard was sire of the second place Senior Get of Sire. 

At the 2014 ADGA National Show, Mystery Man's sire, +B SGCH Iron-Owl Bluebeard was Premier Nubian Sire.  A Paternal sister, SGCH Iron-Owl Flying Dragon was Reserve National Champion (Reserve to herd mate and Mystery Man's aunt, two time national champion SGCH Iron-Owl PFY Pika)


Photo of Jeepers Creepers, Bluebeard and Flying Dragon - Courtesy of Sonia Thyssen,  Woest Hoeve Dairy Goats


+B SGCH Iron-Owl Bluebeard - 2014 National Premier Sire (Mystery Man's Sire)

Daughter - SGCH Deep Creek MYS Emblem 3*M  (3 yrs old)

Daughter - Deep Creek MYS Teranda 2*M

SGCH Iron-Owl Flying Dragon - 2014 Reserve National Champion and paternal sister to Mystery Man. 

Emblem - yearling udder

*B LakeShore Underkover Boss

Sire:  *B LakeShore Perfect Roo Dandy 05-03 91 EEE

     SS:  +*B LakeShore DL Perfect Storm 02-07 90 VEE

     SD:  SGCH Lakeshore-Farms Dandy Tangaroo 4*M 05-05 90 VVEE

Dam:  GCH Alize Kailia's Kovergirl 3*M (Pictured - Left) 04-04 90 VVEE

     DS:  +*B Alize Kharm Personified

     DD:  SGCH Desert-Willow KE CK Kailia 2*M 08-07 93 EEEE

Sire:  *B LakeShore Perfect Roo Dandy

Sire's Dam:  SGCH LakeShore-Farms Dandy Tangaroo 4*M

Dam's Dam: SGCH Desert-Willow KE CK Kailia 2*M 08-07 93 EEEE

Photos of Kovergirl, Dandy and Tangaroo, provided by Megan Carter, LakeShore Nubians

*B Engylskye Maximum Velocity


Tested G6S normal


Sire:  *B Kastdemur's Full Velocity

          SS: ++*B Kastdemur's Full Disclosure

          SD:  SGCH Kastdemur's Temerity 5*M 05-06 93 EEEE


Dam:  SG Wingwood Farm Tac Alicia 1*M 02-08 90 EVEE

          DS: SG ++*B Wingwood Farm Real Tactitian

          DD:  Wingwood Farm Tim's Antigone



Max's Dam, SG Wingwood Farm Tac Alicia (+*B SG Wingood Farm Real Tactitian X Wingwood Farm Tim's Antigone), was first place 2yr old at the 2012 ADGA National Show and Paternal sister to the National Champion, GCH Wingwood Farm Tac Sasha - Photo, courtesy of Veronica Weaver, Engylskye Nubians..

Max's paternal Granddam and two time ADGA National Champion, SGCH Kastdemur's Temerity. Photo Courtesy of Kastdemur's Dairy Goats.

CH J-Nels KR Sugar Daddy

DOB:  05/03/2006


Sire:  *B Kastdemur's Kool Karma

Dam:  SGCH J-Nels RN Gumdrop


Full Pedigree Information



Sugar's Dam, Gumdrop, was first place 3yr old at the 2004 ADGA National Show.  Sugar has been sold but there are still a couple of his daughters in the herd. 

*B Kismet 8 Spot Going Komando


Sire: ++*B SGCH Kismet Ryde The 8 Spot

Dam:  GCH Kismet Rumour Kameo 5*M


Full Pedigree Information



Komand's Dam, GCH Kismet Rumour Kameo (Pictured), was second place 5 & 6 yr old at the 2010 ADGA National Show.  She is the granddaughter of 1998 ADGA National Champion, SGCH Kismet Smooth Kristen. 


Photos of GCH Kismet Rumour Kameo - Courtesy of Jean Lucas, Kismet Nubians


Kismet Kadbury Mars


S: Kismet Mr Kadbury

     SS: *B Kismet Blaise Mr Cade

     SD:  GCH Kismet Rembrandt Kate 5*M

D: Kismet Playboy Mystic

     DS: +*B SGCH J&R Spirit's Dakota Playboy

     DD:  GCH Kismet Rembrandt Mimsy 2*M


"Mars" is line bred on one of my favorite Kismet does, GCH Kismet Rembrandt Mimsy 2*M (pictured) and her sire, *B Jan-T MM Rembrandt.